Apps You Didn’t Know You Needed

Here’s a list of apps you didn’t know that you needed. (These can all be found on the iOS app store.) Whether it’s photo editing or studying, you need these.


VSCO is a photo editing app. While it doesn’t exactly give you super editing power, it does have a few really simple filters that can go a long way.



While you may have heard of this as a website, did you know it’s an app too? I’m currently doing a research report on GMOs, and this is ligitamently the perfect app for it. Even though I use it more often on my laptop than my iPod, it’s pretty nice to be able to see your notes and what project is due next on your pocket device.Untitled picture trello.png

Nike+ Training Club

If you’re looking to work out, this honestly is the best app to do it. It comes on iOS and Google Play! It is absolutely free – no premium versions – and you can even have a four week plan created for you! I use it and love it. It walks you through all the excercises, which makes it really nice for people (like me) who don’t know a lot of different workout stretches. If you have any friends on Nike training club, you can “be friends” with them and check each other’s stats!NikeTraining

Nike Running

I couldn’t show the training club whithout its sibling, nike running! It’s actually compatible with Nike training, and a number of other Nike-based apps. I actually ran with this app from September to December last year about once or twice a week, and it was pretty cool. This is also 100% free! Just like the training club, you can check your friends’ running miles.6a0120a5580826970c01bb08008f11970d-800wi


Even though this app is kind of pricey, at $3.99, I still think it’s worth it. While this isn’t as good for everyday photo editing as it is making things “artsy”, I still really enjoy it. It’s super fun to use, and I’m pretty sure the four dollars up front is all you need to pay. (even though on the picture it explicitly says “free”. It’s not.)Enlight.jpg


You may have heard of Pocket, the most well-known “save-for-later” app. But have you heard of Instapaper? It’s my personal favorite. You can download it on a lot of different devices, and there’s even an extension for chrome so when you happen upon an article you’d love to read later on your iPad, you can click the Instapaper extension icon and boom! It’s saved for later.26629_Photo-2011-10-07-22-34-22.jpg

Well, that was my list of the must-have apps you really need to download. Did I miss any? Comment your I- can’t-live-without app!


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