How To Get Your Life Together

Do you fail to get your work done? Do you have this little heaven in your head in which you would do yoga with the sunrise, or would complete all your schoolwork early and read books with your cats? Raise your hand if that’s you. It’s certainly me. I’ve achieved this (even though I’m still to lazy to do yoga with the sun, I’m working on it) and I can tell you exactly how I did it.

Make a Schedule.

It’s really important not to skip this. Yes, maybe I’ll never know whether you did this or not, but it’s extremely unwise not to.

But what exactly is this schedule supposed to look like? Contain? Well, you have one of two choices – weekly or daily. While weekly schedules are definitely nice, you may what to opt for daily, solely because plans can change or appointments added, and then you’ll have about fifty copies laying around.

The daily is the best. I personally make mine the night before the day the schedule is effective to minimize copies. You can also have more detail in your tasks, and if you need to change anything, there’s plenty of space to do it with a pen.

How should you write it? Well, include every detail. Times and everything. For me, it’s best if instead of writing “school” I write every subject. I use microsoft word, but pretty much any word processor will do. Make a table, with two columns: one for the hour, and one for what you’re doing.

What’s the key? Folow it. I can almost 99% guarantee that things will go great if you follow the schedue exactly as it says. Ever since I started the schedule method, things have been near perfect for me. Excepting for yoga.